RaiderLink TTU Login Portal – Texas Tech University

TTU Raiderlink is the university-wide intranet that all students, faculty, and staff at Texas Tech University can use. Students’ email, course materials, school news, and other services are just some of the many that may be accessed through this site.

RaiderLink TTU Login Portal

Canvas, Texas Tech University’s web-based teaching platform and online lecture hall, is also available through Raiderlink. Canvas is an online learning management system that facilitates interaction between instructors and students for the purpose of completing coursework and receiving feedback.

RaiderLink TTU Login Portal – Texas Tech University Portal

RaiderLink TTU Login Portal – Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University is often commonly referred to by its initials, TTU, or just Texas Tech. It is an internationally renowned public research university in the state of Texas in the United States. TTU Raiderlink is their official sign-in portal.

Raiderlink is the name of the virtual campus where students can access a wide range of useful resources, including but not limited to university announcements, course registration, university services, local weather forecasts, financial services, grade reports, TechMail, a campus calendar, and search engines.

All of these tools can help a student at Texas Tech University with their various online responsibilities and endeavors.

RaiderLink TTU Login Portal

About Texas Tech University

Lubbock, Texas is home to Texas Tech University, also known simply as TTU. This Lubbock institution is a public research university. Texas Tech University (TTU), which was established in 1923 as a regional institution, has grown into a leading research university thanks to its student body of over 37,000 undergraduates, graduates, and working professionals.

More than 150 undergraduate majors and more than 100 graduate degree programs are available to students at Texas Tech University, which is made possible through the university’s 13 academic divisions. On the grounds of Texas Tech University can be located the Llano Estacado Winery, the Museum of Texas Tech University, and the National Ranching Heritage Centre.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has granted Texas Tech University with accreditation, and the university is a part of the Texas State University System. The American Academy of Universities (AAU) comprises the most prestigious academic institutions in the United States, including this university.

The academic setting at Texas Tech University strives to be as efficient with its use of resources as possible. Students attending this educational establishment have access to a variety of forms of financial assistance, including but not limited to scholarships, grants, and loans.

RaiderLink TTU Login Portal

How to Create an eRaider Account to use with TTU Raiderlink

You will need to sign up for an eRaider Account before you can access the Raiderlink account. An eRaider functions similarly to a student’s electronic ID card at Texas Tech University. Your username and password are your login details, which you will need to enter on the Sign-In page of your Raiderlink account.

RaiderLink TTU Login Portal – Texas Tech University Portal

Having an eRaider account opens up a world of possibilities, from free software downloads and online tutoring to website creation and Raiderlink access to email and more. eRaider accounts provide streamlined access to any and all TTU resources.

So, how exactly does one go about registering for an eRaider account? To do so, you’ll need to enter an activation code provided by IT Help Central. Look in your inbox or spam folder for an email sent from Follow these instructions if you haven’t heard back from anyone yet.

RaiderLink TTU Login Portal

How to login to TTU Raiderlink

The MSW Program Director will let you know the decision of the MSW Admissions Committee once you have submitted your application through APPLY TEXAS and met all the standards outlined on the Social Work Program webpage for either the Advanced or Standard MSW Program.

If admitted, the student must follow the steps outlined below to activate their Raiderlink account and gain access to TTU’s online resources.

For Current TTU Students:

  • Visit in your preferred web browser to activate your Raiderlink account.
  • To log in, either use your email address, your ttu/eRaider username, or your trust/eRaider username.
  • To access your Account, please enter your password.
  • To enter your personal Raiderlink account, select the Sign In button.
  • Select the “Application” menu item and then “Letter of Admission”
  • You can now sign up for courses.

For Former Students of TTU with Inactive Raiderlink Accounts:

  • IT Support can be reached at 806-742-4357 (HELP) or (800) 484-3573.
  • To get your Raiderlink account back up and running, just call the support number.
  • You should be prepared to answer any queries they have about your identity.
  • After 30 minutes, your Raiderlink account will be active again, at which point you can log in and select the “Application” tab.
  • The next steps can be found by opening the ‘Letter of Admission.pdf’ file and clicking the ‘Now What?’ link.

For Students Who Are New to the Texas Tech:

  • Look for a message from or TTU’s Graduate School Admissions. If it’s not there, check your email’s Spam or Junk folder.
  • The mail will provide an activation code and detailed instructions on how to create and activate a Raiderlink account.
  • Account activation could take as little as 30 minutes or as long as 24 hours.
  • Log in to your Raiderlink account after it has been activated.
  • The ‘Letter of Admision.pdf’ file can be found by clicking the ‘Application Tab’ that appears at the top of the screen.
  • The ‘Now What?’ section of the Letter contains detailed instructions. Take the necessary measures.

Benefit from TTU Raiderlink

Students have the ability to conveniently conduct a range of TTU-related chores, both on and off campus, with the assistance of their Raiderlink area. Prior to the broad availability of internet connection, traditional users of Raiderlink’s services conducted their transactions offline. However, customers are now able to virtually enter their Raiderlink room from any location in the world by simply entering a few taps on their iPhone or Android device.

TTU Raiderlink eRaider

At TTU, you are only truly identified by your eRaider account. At TTU, you’ll need your eRaider, which serves as your single login to many different services.

TechMail (email), campus WiFi, RaiderLink (class registration and information), free software downloads, and more are all available through your eRaider account.

To change or recover a forgotten password, visit the website  Upon acceptance to the University, you will receive an activation code and your eRaider username. Your eRaider login name is permanent.

It is against university policy and highly recommended that you do not share your eRaider login credentials with anybody. Never give out your eRaider password to anyone who isn’t an official University representative or a university-approved service provider.

How to Activate The TTu eRaider Login

#1. In a web browser, enter and then click the Activate Account button.

RaiderLink TTU Login Portal – Texas Tech University Portal

#2. Enter your Username, Date of Birth, and Activation Code into the appropriate fields.Please read the ‘Terms of Use’ and then select the ‘I Agree’ button. Select a passphrase, then hit Continue.

#3. They need a secondary email and phone number in case they need to get account activity alerts or have their password reset. You, too, must contribute equivalently. Moreover, select the Next button.

#4. You can choose between using your default email address or creating a new one. Select the Next button. Look over your completed profile and then select the Activate Account button.

#5.If everything goes smoothly, the account will be set up within 30 minutes. TTU resources are only accessible after logging into the eRaider account.

How to Get your eRaider Username

#1. To retrieve a forgotten username, visit

#2. Complete the required fields, including First Name, Last Name, and Birth Date. To proceed, please select Continue. If you are a real TTC student, eRaider will ask for proof. To verify your identity, select between a phone call or an email. Select the Next button.

RaiderLink TTU Login Portal – Texas Tech University Portal

#3. Your chosen verification method is where the Code will be delivered to you. A message from is on the way.  Just type in the code you received and hit the Verify button. In doing so, an eRaider Username will be generated for you.

TTU Raiderlink Number

Your Rnumber serves as your Texas Tech University student ID.  It’s an eight-digit number with a “R” in front of it. How to Obtain an R-Number

  • Try visiting
  • Enter your eRaider credentials to log in.
  • The word “Welcome” and then “your name” will appear at the top of the page.
  • A capital letter R and an 8-digit number will appear underneath your name. Here is your unique TechID.
  • Keep this number in mind. Throughout your time at Texas Tech, it will remain the same.
  • Your R Number is also displayed in the “Personal Information” section of the Red Raider Orientation online registration system.

How to Register TTU Raiderlink Login

You will need your TTU ID number in order to create a Raiderlink account. If you are a new student, you can find this information in your acceptance letter or on your student ID card. Visit the Raiderlink website and select the “Create Account” button once you have your TTU ID number.

Create a username and password by entering your TTU ID number and birthdate. After signing up, you’ll have full access to Raiderlink and all of its features.


All members of the TTU community, including students, instructors, and staff, have the ability to communicate with one another and work together digitally thanks to the platform known as Raiderlink. It gives users access to a wide number of different sorts of content, such as student email, course materials, campus news, and many other types of content as well.

Raiderlink also functions as the entrance portal through which one may access TTU’s Canvas, which is the name of the university’s virtual classroom. When using the online learning management system known as Canvas, both students and teachers are able to communicate with one another and collaborate on projects in real time during the course of the learning process.

Texas Tech University Portal FAQS

  •  Question- What are the benefits of Raiderlink TTU?

Answer- Students can easily access course materials and turn in homework through Raiderlink. In addition, it provides access to numerous other features, such as student email, school news, and more. Canvas, TTU’s virtual classroom, may be accessed through Raiderlink. Canvas is an online learning management system where students and teachers exchange content and information in real time.

  •  Question- What are the services offered by Raiderlink?

Answer- Students can easily access course materials and turn in homework through Raiderlink. In addition, it provides access to numerous other features, such as student email, school news, and more. Canvas, TTU’s virtual classroom, may be accessed through Raiderlink. Canvas is an online learning management system where students and teachers exchange content and information in real time.

Faculty and staff have access to a wide range of resources, such as email, calendar, and task management applications, through Raiderlink.

  •  Question- What is the Raiderlink ID?

Answer- To access your Raiderlink account, you must first enter your Raiderlink ID as the username. It’s also how you get to most of Raiderlink’s content and features.

  •  Question- How do I find my Raiderlink ID?

Answer-If you are a new student, your Raiderlink ID will be included in your acceptance letter. You can also find this information in Raiderlink’s “My Profile” section.

  •  Question- Can college students choose to take courses online?

Answer-Yes, via Canvas, Raiderlink’s virtual classroom. Course materials, assignments, and tests are all accessible to students, and so is instructors’ grading and feedback.

  •  Question- Online courses available?

Answer-Online classes are available through Raiderlink’s Canvas platform. Canvas is where your course materials, assignments, quizzes, examinations, and instructor comments will all live.

  •  Question- What is the Raiderlink helpdesk number?

Answer- Call 806-742-4357 to reach the Raiderlink support team. If you need help logging into Raiderlink, you can reach the support staff at this number.

  •  Question- How do I reset my Raiderlink password?

Answer- Visit the Raiderlink website and select the “Forgot Password” link if you have forgotten your password. To change your password, enter your username and date of birth and then follow the on-screen prompts. You will be able to use your account again after resetting your password and gain access to its features.

  •  Question- What is a passing grade at TTU?

Answer- At Texas Tech University, a “D” is the passing mark for any given course.

  •  Question- An A on a 4.0 scale means what exactly?

Answer- If you’re grading on a scale from 0 to 10, an A is between 93% and 96%.

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